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Hyhky Riviera Studio

Hyhky Riviera Studio includes a big surface area for all kinds of productions. The basic mode for the studio surface is 200m² and the studio opens up to a 400m² surface area as well.  Studio includes a lounge, massaging shower(!), toilet and a space for make up & mask.

And, of course, a large green screen.

Click HERE to get the blue print as a PDF!

Surface area:

200m² or 400m²


4,5m to the support

5,5m to the roof


13,5 m x 15 m

Chroma Green:

12m x 8m x 4,5m 


1x 63A 3~

1x 32A 3~

1x 16A 3~

Price (200m²):

- Full day rate 450,00 €

- Half day 300,00 €

- 1h 150,00 €

Some examples from productions 

Filmed in Hyhky Riviera Studio:

Filmed in Hyhky Riviera Studios
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